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We ought to be very concerned about the government’s declaration that they intend to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, (ECHR)  and to repeal our own Human Rights Act, (HRA). One has to wonder what Cameron’s discomfort with the HRA is. The Act, after all, goes towards protecting…

I have been awake all night, thinking and writing, writing and thinking, below is one of many thought I expended upon. Shocked still, when all you can do is write.
There may be mistakes, it may be a ramble, but its honest.

I had planned a completely different post for me return to the ever present sometimes neglected little blog to which a bare my soul. Then I read the tragic news that robin williams had died of an apparent suicide and it shook my cute little world beyond my own belief. What can I say that […]

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I’m twenty three years old, and in that short time frame I’ve learned that life is rarely fair. But it goes on. Whether we like it or not, life goes on. Maybe we live in a dangerous world. Maybe this world has always been “unsafe” for those who weren’t sure what…

Originally posted on Cristian Mihai:
Falling in love is easy. Too easy sometimes. We fall in love with someone who’s a little bit different than all the others we have met before, we fall in love when someone tells us something new about ourselves. we fall in love with the way someone acts or talks,…

Im alternative, but alternative to what? In its very essence “alt” is mainstream, everyone goes through their jeans/t-shirt phase and being a little grungy thing right? Thing is, that IS me, but I thought I was being alternative by being the feminist who stays home and is wifely.. It became alternative to want to be […]

Me at 15 in the Early days of Natalie Elizabeth, also my wonderful Kitty Sammy.

Daily Prompt: Name that… You! Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names? Photographers, artists, poets: show us IDENTITY. My mum like many mothers of the 80s decided she wanted my sex to be a surprise.( don’t worry no […]


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