7 Quick Tips to Help you Find the right Wedding Photographer.

I am sure by now you might already be aware as to how important wedding albums and videos are. They are memories that last with you forever and thus it is crucial that they are shot well and also properly edited and that is only possible if you have a good photographer present at your wedding.

Now in case you’re having trouble figuring out how to go about searching for a good photographer for your big day, you’re in the right place. In this article I have covered a few tips that will help you choose a good photographer.

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These tips have been shared by Rishabh Sood who is a destination wedding photographer.


You need to begin looking right away

Most of the good photographers you may come across often plan their calendar almost a year in advance and that it why it is so crucial that you begin looking right away since you do not want to miss out on these people.

In case you have planned an out of season marriage or if it is on a Sunday then you have a better chance of hiring good professional photographers.

In my opinion if you have planned your wedding at a good time you should give yourself at least 5-6 months to get the perfect photographer.

Begin searching through your social network

When you start searching photographers for your wedding day and ceremonies, in my opinion the easiest and best possible way to do so is to contact your own friends and family members first.

There is a good chance that one of them recently attended a wedding or helped plan a wedding.

If possible also check out their photo albums. You can also use social networking sites to get in touch with some photographers and also check out their work, reviews etc.

If this does not work, you can also ask for references from other professionals working at your wedding like the caterers, venue head, wedding planner etc.

Remove candidates who do not fit the profile you desire

I am sure once you start getting in touch with various photographers you would have prepared a list of the candidates you prefer. Now it’s time to narrow down that list. For that you will need to do more research work and find out more about the services and quality of services they offer.

Check out various aspects like how they handle various situations, are their photos exactly what you’re looking for, does the photographer understands what you need etc.

You also need to make sure they fit your budget. Once you have the required details you can remove the candidates that do not match your requirements.

Set up interviews with the remaining photographers

Now that you have successfully managed to narrow down your search to 2-3 candidates it is time to fix face to face meetings with them. During the face to face meeting remember to check out their best albums from start to finish.

It would be even better if there is an album that is close to what you plan your wedding to be like. Once you have viewed their best work remember to check out a latest work of theirs too. This way you can compare their best work and their daily work.

Also remember to check out the basics of the images like colour, clarity, exposure, graininess and composition along with that you should also determine the style of photography used and whether it fits your wedding plans or not.

When the interviews are finally over it is really crucial that you know the highest and average quality of the photographer’s work, their visual style, and also whether they are ready to adjust their style to suite your needs.

Their willingness to work closely with you to make sure you are happy as a client is really crucial to get exceptional result, and a professional is aware of that fact.

Get an idea about the equipment they will be using

Now you may not be a professional photographer yourself but that is not important and it should not stop you from asking about the camera and other equipment the photographer has at his disposal.

Once you begin to ask questions you may shock yourself as to how specific you are about it.

When you ask such question and get knowledge about such things and it also shows that you are confident about what you want and helps you to convey that to the photographer too.

Sign the contract once details have been discussed

Once details like price etc. have been discussed it is important you check out the contract details and only then sign it. If your photographer does not offer a contract I would advise you to look for someone else.

The contract acts as a protection for all the parties involved and thus it is very important. Make sure you have full details about the photographer who will be present on the day of wedding and also of the assistant if there is going to be one.

Finding The Right Wedding Photographers in Delhi


Image Credit

Looking for the right wedding photographer for your Big day?

Well, recently my sister got married in India and we had the grand indian wedding and we hired wedding traditions to  cover our Delhi wedding.

Well, there were a few things that we decided on to filter the best wedding photographers for our event:

1. Make sure their work matches your taste

Before hiring the WT team, we did our background checks and found their portfolio at tumblr and Pinterest.

We loved their work.

2. Read reviews

A simple Google search landed us on VivahPlanners which is like Yelp for wedding photographers.

We found them as the #1 recommendation at VivahPlanners’ list of best wedding photographers in delhi.

3. Set up an appointment

You need to talk to your vendors to make sure that they understand your needs and your taste and then have the ability to deliver in the same fashion.

4. Get the numbers straight

Make sure you get the costs and packages straight and get all the information you need about the payment options.

This one’s only necessary once you have filtered out your favourite photographers after doing the first 3 tasks but is crucial to avoid any unnecessary disputes.


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