Daily Prompt Mixtape

This is an interesting Prompt for me because aside from writing my biggest passion in life is music. To combine the two is pure bliss

These may seem quite disjointed or swinging from depressive to happy, thats kinda how my life has been full,absolutely full of very high ups then very low downs!

Ok so here are some songs that describe my life,my love,me

Elvis Presley-Way Down

Nirvana-Smells like Teen Spirit

Radiohead-Street spirit

Alice in chains-Them Bones

Adele-Rolling in the Deep

Ricard Ashcroft- Song for the Lovers

Nirvana-Rape me


Spinnerette-Sex Bomb

Queens of the stone age-Go with the Flow

The kinks-You really Got Me

David Bowie-Golden Years

The Beatles-Help

Garbage-Only Happy when it Rains

Pat Benatar-Love is a battlefield

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds(Lie Down Here) and Be By Girl

Eminem-Not afraid

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros-Home

Nirvana-Drain you

The Distillers-The Hunger

And finally because of my momma and growing up with ABBA

Abba-Hole in Your Soul


  1. There are some awesome (and some good-way scary) selections here!


    1. Thank you! I could have rambled away all day about music so this was quite restrained for me.


      1. I’m proud that you could! As you see, I chose the “ramble all day” option =)


  2. … great mixtape :) my favorite ones are Garbage, Nirvana, Nick Cave and Pat Benatar ..


    1. Some of my favourites too!They actually are all perpetually on my iphone/ipod so i guess they are all favourite ones!


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  4. [...] Daily Prompt Mixtape « Natalie Elizabeth Beech [...]


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