Daily Prompt:Flawed

Todays Prompt is quite thought provoking

” What is your worst quality?”

Good question,I find self reflection to be one of the most important things to character development,personal development and social development.


But what is my worst quality?

Can there be only one?

Can I be completely honest and say This one quality is my worst, or do I make out  like I am generally an ok person I just have this one massive Pet Peeve?


Truthfully,I am exceptionally Flawed, On many levels.


Of course I am a girl and near the time of my period I do become a snot filled,tear stained monster! but that is a natural chemical and biological reaction…


So what can I “pin” as my worst flaw…


I think that would have to be, that I try to elevate myself to be beyond a flaw, to be perfect,to never admit I am wrong.


To believe this is the biggest flaw of all.

To believe this is to make yourself beyond human.


So my biggest flaw?

Not wanting to be flawed.


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  1. I love it!


    1. Thank you!


  2. I loved the last two lines!!


    1. Thanks! This Prompt really was a good one for me I put my fingers to the keyboard and it just came, I wish more days were like that.


      1. You’re welcome. You’re so lucky, I’ve been having the biggest of the “writer’s block” lately.


      2. I actually just came out of a massive one,Literally massive Like 14 months, I just edited stuff couldn’t write anything original. I’m sure you will find your way out of it,If i can after all that I’m certain anyone can.


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  4. That’s a flaw many of us share, :) Loved this post– it’s written so honestly. :)


  5. Thank you so much,I always try to remain completely honest in my writing,if not where is the point?


  6. It is our flaws and the desire to overcome those flaws, that define who we will be.


  7. Great! Absolutely great writing! And, a point I think is hard for many of us to swallow. Glad I found your site. Thanks so much for stopping by mine. :-)


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  9. [...] Daily Prompt:Flawed « Natalie Elizabeth Beech [...]


  10. [...] Daily Prompt:Flawed « Natalie Elizabeth Beech [...]


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