Not That Question Again!

Today’s Prompt is quite and interesting one.

It made me laugh when I read it,When Me and My Husband argue, he asks things he knows will “grind my gears” and it can make for some quite dramatic shows!

Anyway the question that bothers me the most is:-
“What is wrong with you?”

How am I supposed to answer that?

What if nothing is wrong, I’m just tired, concentrating,annoyed by YOU

Its not like I can answer the question with”YOU ARE” is it?

So when I say nothing leave me be.

I know you men think its a typical woman thing, and when”nothing” is wrong “everything” is but sometimes I just need a chance to “un-frustrate” myself and the constant questions do nothing to help that.

The question joint to this one for the top is:
“Nothing,isn’t an answer,Tell me what really is wrong!?”
Nothing IS an answer, its just not the one you were looking for,that unfortunately isn’t my problem.

In future, phrase the question differently,here are some examples for the males out there
“I know you will say nothing,but I am asking anyway,Honey,what is wrong?”

“Please answer beyond nothing,but what is wrong with you today?”

“I wont except nothing for an answer! baby what is eatin’ at you today?”

See,Simple isn’t it!

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  1. Rather than ask ‘What is wrong, ” I ask, “How can I help.”


  2. yes, simply put. Nothing is an answer.


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