Daily Prompt Love to Hate

Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.

I dont actually think I have guilty Pleasures anymore, I used to have them but over the last two years I have grown comfortable with who I am,what I like,What I dont etc.

Proudly I tell everyone the truth if they ask me a direct question. I have become More Open to others opinions of my likes and dislikes even if they don’t agree.

Over the years I have had Many “guilty Pleasures” Mainly associated with the fact that I was quite an unusual person from childhood when compared to my peers, I love me quirks,but when you are regularly getting torn down or beaten you start to turn inwards on yourself.

So, in order to make this post a little less boring I am going to leave some Videos or links here to things that were guilty pleasures when I was a teen,but things that now I have  found myself and my husband who is pretty much equal to me in these things, I watch/listen/read them openly.

Jesus Christ Superstar.

I was never religious and I can see obviously that this is in no way a christian musical,but based on the name people sure do make a ton of assumptions.

This song,is a really good stand alone funk and rock song.

I always liked Judas


Always loved them, even had a crush on Bjorn,Eagle,name of the game, I still squee at, then again I don’t think there is a song by them I consider truly bad,They are actually the band that gave me my rhythm and helped me to understand many genres outside of my favourite rock music

“when its bad worse,worse

and you think you’re cursed

well,there is one thing for the better

that can turn you loose.



True words.

Belle and Beauty and the Beast.

I always loved Disney, I could still watch this movie daily. It is my favourite and Belle is my favourite “princess”.

My Husband calls me his Belle and my Heart skips a beat every time

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Jesus Christ Superstar. Carl Andersson was the best Judas (Tim Minchin coming pretty close) & Beauty and The Beast was very much part of my childhood (as a Disney Film) I really enjoyed reading this post :-)


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  4. How smart of you to make your previously guilty pleasures a daily open pleasure. You might have started something.


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  6. [...] Daily Prompt Love to Hate « Natalie Elizabeth Beech [...]


  7. Definitely Jesus Christ is a good musical show.


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