Dear Leader

If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing in 2013, what would you like that to be?

Good question.
First I have to establish which government is “mine”

On the one hand I am English, I see and keep up to date with the political goings on of England and see  the effects ripple through my family at large.
On the other hand my life is in Portugal I have been here for nearly 3 years and they more directly affect my and my husbands life.

For England

I would like to see the coalition fall apart,David Cameron be voted out of office through a vote a “lack of confidence  in the government.I would Like to see some of the ridiculous policies that threaten to remove my countries freedom rescinded and I would like it to be the England I grew up in not the England I couldn’t wait to leave.

For Portugal.

I would like for the deficit to be over and done with and gone.

I would Like TROIKA to be out of the country one way or another. I would like for Portugal to be in charge of their own fate not Germans  or Belgians or Frenchmen.

I would like to see a one time massive tax on the massive corporations that have come here and set up office but have avoided billions in taxes via tax havens.

I would like to see more use of the abundance of natural resources the country has put to good use and not simply be left to waste because of lack of business negotiation

I would like for Portugal to not have to rely so much on outward sources for its products

I would like for Portugal to again become Portugal.

I would Love for this to happen and the world to become a little saner again but i doubt I will get my wish.

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  3. We’re just as hamstrung by political correctness in Aus as you were in England. I think that there are not too many places you can escape to these days. Are you at least allowed to collect your own seeds and grow your own vegetables? I believe that there’s a push in New Zealand to deny those people the ordinary human rights of growing their own food.


    1. Lol,That is laughable we are allowed,in both England and Portugal to my knowledge, I have been growing here in Portugal for 2 years and never heard of such nonsense as that from anyone!


  4. Portugal be Portugal, co rrecto mundo.. Portugal is a beautiful country, people included. I haven’t been to England. I hope one of your wishes will come true.


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